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Music Can Make or Break a Game

Music is a powerful tool used in all kinds of settings, and it is not uncommon to see it used in games in order to set a specific mood or atmosphere. Whether it’s an exciting action game that you are playing, a riveting strategy game, a mobile offering, or a popular casino game, there is…

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Finding the Perfect Casino Soundtrack

The question of whether to listen to music when playing online casino games is rather a subjective one. Many people find it highly distracting, removing their ability to focus. However, there is an equally large number of people who find that music helps to relax them and offers them a better environment in which to…

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Native American dance

One cannot imagine Native Americans without some sort of rousing dance springing into mind. Whilst a lot of it was created through rather unflattering media stereotyping, the fact remains that there are a myriad of Native American dances accompanied by basic instruments, all denoting some different aspect, or telling a story. There are so many…

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Rhythm culture in South America

Much of South America‚Äôs music has been heavily influenced by the strong beats popular in music from African tribes. This music was brought over when the African slaves arrived on American shores. However, there was also a strong Hispanic presence, which also had huge influences resulting in the music created becoming rather diverse and somewhat…

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West African Drum Circles

Sub-Saharan African music is often recognizable from its strong beats and intense rhythms. So strong are these rhythms that they have spread widely across the globe, particularly to the Americas. Notable examples are the samba and other Afro-Brazilian rhythms and music such as maracatu and coco. Other areas of music that have seen a strong…

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